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  It’s Monday.

  Weather: Forget the cold. It’ll hit 56 today under sunny skies, and 61 tomorrow. Rainy and cooler later in the week.

  Alternate-side parking: Suspended today and tomorrow for Lunar New Year.

  On Sunday, a man was shot dead on a train platform in Queens. In response, the head of the subways, Andy Byford, said in a statement, “Despite this beyond-horrifying incident which is under active investigation, the subway is remarkably safe, both generally as a public space as well as relative to other modes of transport.”

  But though the crime rate in the subways remains much lower than it was in the 1980s and 90s, a story by my colleagues Emma Fitzsimmons and Edgar Sandoval found that many riders are concerned that crime and disorder may be heading in the wrong direction.

  [Read their story about the uptick in subway crime.]

  A retired legal secretary said that when she takes the train, she makes sure there’s nothing valuable in her purse.

  A woman in Brooklyn said she accompanies her 10-year-old grandson on the subway, for security.

  Even an M.T.A. dispatcher, Lora Hinds, said she takes precautions. She avoids wearing jewelry on the trains, and, she said, “I try not to travel at night if I don’t have to.”

  For longtime residents, the subways are much safer than they used to be. Scott M. Stringer, the city comptroller, said that when he was growing up, the A train was a “rolling crime scene.” Hardly anyone would describe it like that today.

  Still, transit crimes were up 3.8 percent last year, and have been increasing since 2014. And a series of high profile incidents — including video of a police officer fighting several men in a subway in December — has brought more attention to the issue.

  The transit police chief, Edward Delatorre, said that while crime remains relatively rare, the transit system is, in a way, a victim of its own success. “The Wi-Fi is stronger and now anytime anything happens, it’s blasted out right away,” he told my colleagues.

  Police have said crime is so low that a handful of people — like the international pickpocket ring that struck recently — can make a statistically significant dent.

  Tell us what you think: Are the subways getting more dangerous? And what are your subway travel tips?

  The Times’s William Neuman reports:

  A 38-year-old gay doorman with far-right backing won a bitter election fight last week to become president of the Metropolitan Republican Club, a bastion of the city’s G.O.P. establishment.

  The club gained notoriety last year after Gavin McInnes, the founder of the right-wing nationalist group the Proud Boys, spoke there and his followers brawled on nearby streets with protesters.

  The campaign for club president became a test of Republican loyalties in the Trump era.

  The eventual winner, Ian Walsh Reilly, represented a segment of the party that celebrates the president’s role as a disrupter.

  His opponent, Bob Morgan, 66, a lawyer, represents a more establishment brand of Republicanism that goes back to Teddy Roosevelt.

  The club’s membership more than doubled in the run-up to Wednesday’s election, as both sides sought to enlist new members loyal to them.

  In the end, Mr. Reilly outpolled Mr. Morgan 324 to 270.

  “I see myself as a conservative and a centrist,” Mr. Reilly said. “I am more socially liberal on so many things. I am the first openly gay president of the Metropolitan Republican Club. I’m not radical.”

Best of The Times

  The latest accusation against El Chapo: He is accused of raping girls as young as 13 years old.

  Power was restored at a federal jail in Brooklyn: A week without heat or electricity had inmates banging on the windows.

  Where to film “If Beale Street Could Talk?” On Minetta Lane, in Greenwich Village.

  New on bookshelves: An intimate look at the hip-hop pioneers A Tribe Called Quest.

  What to do if your apartment is too hot in the winter? Open a window, get a fan or insulate the radiator.

  [Want more news from New York and around the region? Check out our full coverage.]

  The mini crossword: Here is today’s puzzle.

  Teenager charged with M.T.A. bus joy-rides: The 18-year-old is accused of taking four buses since December. [CBS New York]

  Closing a vaccine exemption: A state bill would eliminate loopholes for religious belief, in the wake of the recent measles outbreak. [Poughkeepsie Journal]

  Limiting ICE arrests by courts: State lawmakers want to require the immigration agency to get a judge’s approval in advance. [WNYC / Gothamist ]

  How New York got its gun laws: They followed the shootings of a journalist and a politician. [Daily News]

  Trader Joe’s stops home delivery in Manhattan: Stores in other boroughs never offered it. [New York Post]

  Too much of a good thing? Starbucks played the “Hamilton” soundtrack so often, employees now hate it. [Grub Street]

  Curious about death? The “Death Cafe” at the Mid-Manhattan Library has an open discussion at 2 p.m. [Free]

  How can you help preserve nature in the city? Learn from preservation groups at the Brooklyn Historical Society. 6:30 p.m. []

  Catch a variety-show of stand-up, storytelling and spoken word at Club Cumming at 7 p.m. []

  Three musicians play electro-acoustic sets at Threes Brewing in Brooklyn. 8 p.m. [ suggested]

  Spam, a new standup comedy night at Pianos on the Lower East Side. 7:30 p.m. [Free]

  — Derek Norman

  Events are subject to change, so double-check before heading out. For more events, see the going-out guides from The Times’s culture pages.

And finally: Original teenage music, at Carnegie Hall

  The Times’s Nikita Stewart reports:

  Last Friday, a handful of teenagers collaborated with professional musicians to perform original music they wrote at Carnegie Hall.

  For many musicians, performing at the famed music venue is a career highlight. For these teenagers, it’s especially so.

  They are in a rehabilitation program called Close to Home, which places juvenile offenders in residences near their families in the city instead of upstate. Started in 2012, Close to Home was founded on the premise that being close to family anchors can help with rehabilitation.

  “Too often society cannot see beyond the labels that are placed on young people when they become involved in the juvenile justice system,” said David A. Hansell, commissioner of the city Administration for Children’s Services, which helps run the program.

  The agency released some of the students' songs on SoundCloud.

  Listen to them here.

Metropolitan Diary: Walking in the Rain

  Dear Diary:

  On weekends, I try to allow extra time to get from Queens to Manhattan by subway. But on this particular day I had not realized how far I would have to walk from the station to the West Village theater where I was going.

  It began to pour as I started across town. I had neither an umbrella nor a rain hat and was holding a magazine over my small wool hat to try to keep myself dry.

  As I approached Seventh Avenue, I decided to double-check that I was headed in the right direction so I wouldn’t go out of my way so close to curtain time.

  I stopped a man walking toward me, pointed in what I thought was the direction of Christopher Street and asked for confirmation.

  “Yes,” he said. “That’s Christopher Street.”

  I thanked him and started to hurry off.

  “Wait ma’am,” he said. “Take this.”

  He held out his large black umbrella.

  “But it’s yours,” I sputtered.

  “Now it’s yours,” he replied.

  — Rachel Donner

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  布衣3d图库福彩图库3d图谜【向】【天】【歌】【和】【美】【梅】【芝】【在】【一】【起】,【过】【着】【穷】【困】【潦】【倒】【的】【生】【活】,【美】【梅】【芝】【有】【些】【吃】【不】【了】【这】【些】【苦】, 【不】【过】,【她】【现】【在】【获】【得】【自】【由】【了】,【这】【毕】【竟】【是】【值】【得】【开】【心】【的】【事】【情】。 【向】【天】【歌】【觉】【得】【姝】【浪】【娇】【是】【一】【个】【能】【够】【吃】【苦】【的】【人】, 【她】【和】【自】【己】【在】【一】【起】【的】【时】【候】,【生】【活】【条】【件】【那】【么】【差】,【她】【都】【没】【有】【说】【什】【么】, 【有】【时】【间】【还】【帮】【着】【自】【己】【干】【活】。 【可】【是】【美】【梅】【芝】【却】【不】【一】【样】,【吃】【得】【太】【差】

  【南】【宫】【霸】【和】【涟】【翠】【对】【于】【喻】【淳】【也】【没】【什】【么】【好】【感】,【既】【然】【喻】【淳】【让】【他】【们】【滚】,【他】【们】【自】【然】【不】【会】【厚】【脸】【皮】【地】【留】【在】【这】【里】。 【涟】【翠】【冷】【冷】【看】【了】【喻】【淳】【一】【眼】:“【公】【子】,【奉】【劝】【你】【一】【句】,【别】【惹】【了】【不】【该】【惹】【的】【人】。” 【喻】【淳】【不】【以】【为】【意】。 【云】【倾】【浛】【则】【是】【似】【笑】【非】【笑】【看】【着】【喻】【淳】:“【你】【不】【滚】?” 【喻】【淳】【从】【鼻】【子】【里】【发】【出】【一】【道】【不】【屑】【的】【轻】【哼】:“【让】【我】【滚】?【就】【凭】【你】?” “【你】

  【这】【件】【事】【的】【后】【果】【便】【是】【童】【一】【声】【在】【剧】【组】【疑】【神】【疑】【鬼】【好】【几】【天】,【看】【谁】【谁】【都】【像】【是】【狗】【仔】,【表】【面】【谦】【恭】【尊】【敬】,【转】【个】【背】【就】【能】【将】【你】【的】【私】【生】【活】【卖】【得】【彻】【彻】【底】【底】、【干】【干】【净】【净】。 【作】【为】【追】【星】【女】【孩】,【日】【常】【工】【作】【便】【是】【混】【迹】【在】【各】【大】【论】【坛】,【一】【旦】【遇】【上】【有】【人】【开】【贴】【嘲】【自】【己】【爱】【豆】,【就】【回】【去】【号】【召】,【集】【结】【粉】【丝】【在】【底】【下】【控】【评】,【如】【果】【在】【八】【竿】【子】【打】【不】【着】【的】【帖】【子】【里】【有】【人】【在】【底】【下】【评】【论】【自】【己】【的】

  【转】【眼】【间】,【来】【到】【了】1999【年】【底】。 【林】【世】【琛】【忙】【着】【处】【理】【公】【司】【可】【能】【遇】【到】【的】“【千】【年】【虫】”【问】【题】。 【千】【年】【虫】【事】【件】【是】【一】【次】【全】【球】【范】【围】【内】【的】【计】【算】【机】【漏】【洞】【危】【机】。 【当】【时】【间】【来】【到】2000【年】1【月】1【日】【的】【时】【候】,【各】【个】【行】【业】【都】【爆】【发】【一】【系】【列】【的】【问】【题】。 【金】【融】【行】【业】,【银】【行】【里】【面】【的】【电】【脑】【可】【能】【将】2000【年】【解】【释】【为】1900【年】,【引】【起】【利】【息】【计】【算】【上】【的】【混】【乱】

  “【俗】【话】【说】,【君】【要】【臣】【死】、【臣】【不】【得】【不】【死】!【玥】【姐】【儿】【这】【是】【得】【罪】【了】【陛】【下】,【是】【陛】【下】【要】【将】【她】【赐】【死】【啊】!”【沈】【立】【辩】【解】【道】。 【沈】【均】【冷】【笑】【道】:“【是】,【所】【以】【大】【哥】【连】【试】【都】【不】【愿】【意】【试】【一】【下】,【生】【怕】【影】【响】【了】【自】【己】【的】【仕】【途】!” 【沈】【立】【被】【说】【中】【心】【思】,【脸】【色】【瞬】【间】【涨】【红】,【他】【恼】【怒】【道】:“【二】【弟】!【我】【让】【你】【几】【分】,【别】【以】【为】【我】【欠】【你】【的】!” “【你】【当】【然】【不】【欠】【我】【的】!【如】【今】【我】【们】布衣3d图库福彩图库3d图谜【在】【场】【众】【人】【也】【十】【分】【震】【惊】,【只】【是】【忍】【住】【了】【没】【有】【喊】【出】【声】。 【皇】【帝】【却】【只】【是】【淡】【淡】【说】【道】:“【辛】【副】【院】【长】【早】【已】【和】【朕】【说】【过】,【朕】【知】【晓】【此】【事】,【孙】【阁】【老】【不】【必】【介】【怀】,【宴】【会】【继】【续】【吧】。” 【那】【位】【声】【音】【尖】【细】【的】【孙】【阁】【老】【愤】【愤】【地】【瞪】【了】【一】【眼】【汀】【雪】,【才】【甩】【袖】【离】【开】,【回】【到】【了】【自】【己】【的】【位】【置】【上】。 【众】【人】【不】【由】【得】【明】【里】【暗】【里】【仔】【细】【打】【量】【了】【汀】【雪】【一】【番】。【没】【想】【到】,【传】【闻】【竟】【然】【是】【真】【的】,

  【碣】【石】【古】【道】【凉】【亭】,【轩】【辕】【无】【双】【净】【手】【抚】【琴】。【数】【名】【侍】【女】【来】【回】【忙】【碌】,【似】【乎】【是】【在】【煮】【新】【近】【采】【摘】【的】【梅】【园】【春】【茶】。 【周】【围】【的】【空】【气】【似】【乎】【凝】【聚】【了】【很】【多】【压】【抑】【的】【气】【氛】,【骤】【然】【降】【低】【了】【几】【分】【温】【度】。【轩】【辕】【无】【双】【见】【忙】【碌】【的】【侍】【女】【瑟】【瑟】【发】【抖】,【忙】【抚】【动】【琴】【弦】,【一】【股】【暖】【流】【席】【卷】【凉】【亭】。 【轩】【辕】【无】【双】【轻】【声】【细】【语】【的】【说】:“【霍】【叔】【叔】,【封】【狼】【山】【战】【败】【之】【后】,【连】【两】【家】【的】【交】【情】【也】【不】【要】【了】【吗】

  【成】【功】【避】【免】【了】【怀】【疑】【的】【四】【人】【从】【里】【头】【出】【来】【后】,【揭】【开】【了】【快】【被】【汗】【水】【泡】【发】【的】【面】【具】,【趁】【着】【四】【下】【无】【人】,【脱】【去】【外】【头】【的】【罩】【衣】。 【幸】【亏】【苏】【南】【心】【思】【缜】【密】,【出】【门】【前】【想】【到】【让】【他】【们】【穿】【上】【浑】【黑】【的】【夜】【行】【衣】,【这】【会】【儿】【可】【就】【派】【上】【用】【场】【了】。 【有】【光】【的】【地】【方】【就】【会】【有】【盲】【区】,【而】【这】【里】【头】【的】【盲】【区】,【就】【在】【立】【柱】【之】【后】。 【因】【为】【四】【人】【中】【只】【有】【宋】【平】【一】【人】【会】【机】【关】【术】,【所】【以】【破】【坏】【机】【关】【只】

  【晚】【点】【修】【改】。 —— 【离】【本】【世】【子】【远】【点】!” 【齐】【文】【元】【酒】【量】【并】【不】【好】,【这】【么】【猛】【灌】【了】【大】【半】【壶】【只】【觉】【得】【视】【线】【模】【糊】,【反】【应】【迟】【缓】,【就】【这】【般】【怔】【怔】【的】【看】【着】【白】【晚】【吟】,【可】【是】【却】【始】【终】【看】【不】【清】【白】【晚】【吟】【的】【那】【张】【脸】。 【白】【晚】【吟】【一】【时】【不】【慎】,【被】【推】【得】【直】【接】【堆】【坐】【在】【地】【上】,【可】【白】【晚】【吟】【脸】【上】【却】【是】【没】【有】【不】【悦】,【而】【是】【挂】【着】【极】【美】【的】【笑】【容】【的】【看】【着】【齐】【文】【元】,“【世】【子】,【是】【奴】【婢】【啊】

  【听】【完】【秦】【昭】【雪】【跟】amazing【的】【对】【话】,【显】【然】【所】【有】【人】【都】【愣】【了】。 【尤】【其】【是】【听】【到】【秦】【昭】【雪】【那】【圣】【洁】【的】【声】【线】,【不】【着】【不】【急】【的】【说】【话】【语】【气】,【更】【让】【人】【觉】【得】,【她】【心】【里】【面】【胸】【有】【成】【竹】。 【这】【一】【刻】,【世】【界】【都】【把】【目】【光】【聚】【焦】【于】【秦】【昭】【雪】。 【感】【觉】,【对】【秦】【昭】【雪】【的】【评】【价】【是】【时】【候】【要】【提】【升】【一】【下】【了】。 【在】【本】【次】【世】【界】【赛】【之】【前】,【鉴】【于】【北】【美】【中】【单】【的】【实】【力】,【所】【以】【在】【本】【次】【世】【界】




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